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#Elezioni2018 – You need allies, not just votes, to win elections in Italy

By | 12th November 2017

The latest electoral contest in Sicily has been widely considered in Italy as a resounding defeat for the Democratic Party, a success for the centre-right forces and, after all, a good result for the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which, anyway, did not succeed in winning its first regional election. If we look at some numbers… Read More »

#Elezioni2018 – A potential anti-EU coalition in Italy?

By | 17th August 2017

In the current year, many have feared (or hoped for) the rise of anti-EU, anti-establishment or simply radical parties or candidates (which, more than occasionally, turned out to be radical right parties) in countries such as France or the Netherlands. According to some commentators, this would have led, in the long run, to the disgregation… Read More »

On Italy’s constitutional reform (and why it should be supported)

By | 2nd December 2016

Yesterday EUROPP, the London School of Economics blog on European politics and policy, has published my opinion about the next Italian referendum. I tried to explain why criticism is exaggerated and the reasons for which, instead, the proposed reform should be backed.

Sul referendum costituzionale di dicembre: questione di approcci

By | 18th October 2016

Due o tre appunti di metodo, più che di merito, sul referendum costituzionale del 4 dicembre e sulla campagna che lo sta precedendo. Alcuni degli istituti di sondaggi che nelle ultime settimane si sono occupati di rilevare le intenzioni di voto e le relative motivazioni sono concordi nell’indicare l’avversione al governo Renzi come ragione principale, o… Read More »

“Dove ho sbagliato?”, chiese Matteo

By | 21st June 2016

Mi è capitato sotto gli occhi un post di Massimiliano Di Giorgio che tenta di analizzare l’appannamento, almeno apparente, dell’immagine di Matteo Renzi e del calo della sua popolarità. E’ stata l’occasione per rimettere mano a questo blog, ma anche per scrivere un paio di idee che mi frullavano in testa. Massimiliano sostiene che il… Read More »

Could Matteo Renzi leave a legacy as a constitutional reformer?

By | 18th September 2015

One of three original copies, now in the custody of Historical Archives of the President of the Republic (source of the picture: Wikipedia) One of the things which may mark the success or the (at least partial) failure of Matteo Renzi’s cabinet is the constitutional bill which is going to be debated by Italian senators… Read More »

The nationalistic anti-EU drift of the Italian radical left

By | 14th July 2015

A few days ago I wrote on Yanis Varoufakis’ take on the disciplinarian view according to which the European Union should be based on shared rules before and rather than common institutions. There is a different view, however, which is starting to emerge within the left – at least in the left opposing Italy’s Democratic… Read More »

Yanis Varoufakis on Wolfgang Schäuble

By | 10th July 2015

A banknote left from my latest trip to the eurozone There is a thing I have noticed if I have not misinterpreted what I read. In an article published today on The Guardian, the former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis has claimed that the intention of Wolfgang Schäuble, the current finance minister of Germany,… Read More »

Avoid power or die: the sad life of liberals in Europe

By | 8th May 2015

Sign displayed before the 2014 EU elections The results of the latest general elections held in the United Kingdom seem to confirm – in my opinion – a sort of trend which has been occurring in the largest European countries over the last two years: once the liberals get into government, they are eventually wiped out. In… Read More »

L’intervento di Roberto Giachetti alla direzione nazionale del Partito Democratico del 30 marzo 2015

By | 31st March 2015

Ho passato un paio di ore libere (sono un pazzo, lo so) a sbobinare questo intervento di Roberto Giachetti alla più recente direzione nazionale del Partito Democratico, dove si è discusso – probabilmente per l’ultima volta in quella sede – della nuova legge elettorale, il cosiddetto italicum. Ho avuto modo di seguire in diretta l’intervento… Read More »