The nationalistic anti-EU drift of the Italian radical left

By | 14th July 2015

A few days ago I wrote on Yanis Varoufakis’ take on the disciplinarian view according to which the European Union should be based on shared rules before and rather than common institutions. There is a different view, however, which is starting to emerge within the left – at least in the left opposing Italy’s Democratic… Read More »

Yanis Varoufakis on Wolfgang Schäuble

By | 10th July 2015

A banknote left from my latest trip to the eurozone There is a thing I have noticed if I have not misinterpreted what I read. In an article published today on The Guardian, the former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis has claimed that the intention of Wolfgang Schäuble, the current finance minister of Germany,… Read More »

Humans and Real Humans on tv

By | 2nd July 2015

Descartes’ explanation of pain and motion [SPOILER ALERT: this post talks of the British drama Humans and of the Swedish drama Äkta människor] [Parts of this post have already been published in 2013 on my Italian blog] I have watched the first three episodes of Humans, the Channel 4 tv series inspired by a Swedish tv… Read More »

My PhD thesis: deadline is looming and feedback is always a useful thing

By | 15th May 2015

  Between the two Philosophy buildings in Durham. This morning I had my PhD progress review. I am writing this post in order to share some thoughts, because – of course – of a bit exhibitionism (otherwise I would keep these things for myself), and also because writing will help me to organize ideas and,… Read More »

Avoid power or die: the sad life of liberals in Europe

By | 8th May 2015

Sign displayed before the 2014 EU elections The results of the latest general elections held in the United Kingdom seem to confirm – in my opinion – a sort of trend which has been occurring in the largest European countries over the last two years: once the liberals get into government, they are eventually wiped out. In… Read More »

Football tactics and moral choices

By | 23rd April 2015

Newcastle vs Liverpool in the 2010/2011 Premier League season This is a thing to which I have been giving some thought from time to time, but I have never been able to give it a proper structure – or even, sometimes, to consider it a serious reflexion, as it is related to football. There are… Read More »

L’intervento di Roberto Giachetti alla direzione nazionale del Partito Democratico del 30 marzo 2015

By | 31st March 2015

Ho passato un paio di ore libere (sono un pazzo, lo so) a sbobinare questo intervento di Roberto Giachetti alla più recente direzione nazionale del Partito Democratico, dove si è discusso – probabilmente per l’ultima volta in quella sede – della nuova legge elettorale, il cosiddetto italicum. Ho avuto modo di seguire in diretta l’intervento… Read More »

È dura continuare a essere Frank Underwood

By | 20th March 2015

[SPOILER ALERT: sotto sono contenuti dettagli della prima, della seconda e della terza stagione di House of Cards] Poco più di una settimana fa sul sito del Washington Post è apparso un articolo di Seth Masket, docente di scienze politiche presso l’Università di Denver, che criticava il modo in cui House Of Cards mostra la… Read More »

Non sei cattivo come sembri, Frank Underwood

By | 23rd February 2015

[SPOILER ALERT: di seguito si raccontano particolari della prima e della seconda stagione di House of Cards] In uno dei poster promozionali della seconda stagione di House of Cards, Frank Underwood, il protagonista della serie, viene presentato seduto sulla sedia della statua dedicata ad Abraham Lincoln nel monumento commemorativo di Washington D.C., e sulle sue… Read More »