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I am Corrado, and this is the blog I have created in April 2015 in order to write a few ideas, stories, opinions, whatever I think may be worth sharing and discussing. The problem is: writing needs time, and I already spend some of my time writing other things. I am currently a PhD student at Durham University (here my personal web page with a brief description of my research project at the Department of Philosophy and a very ugly picture of me – I am a bit more handsome than that, no lie.) and I am writing a thesis titled Education, Democracy and Representation in John Stuart Mill’s Political Philosophy. It stems from some research on Mill’s theory of democratic government I already did for my master’s dissertation at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, but my doctoral research, obviously, goes more deeply into detail and also investigates some issues related to political representation, to education and cultivation of the individual, to political ethics and to democracy in the XXI century.

I already wrote in my first blog post here what are the things I am interested in: philosophy (mostly, political philosophy, as you may have already noticed), politics, football (and fantasy football), music, food (vegetarian food, actually, as I became vegetarian on ethical grounds in April 2013) and books – not necessarily in this order*.

I am Italian and during my life I have lived in three different countries: Italy, of course, three lovely months in Slovenia in 2010 for an internship at the Italian Institute of Culture in Ljubljana, and then almost five years in the UK (except for a five-month spell back in Italy between 2014 and 2015). Among the things I have done in my life: I have been pretty good at school when I was a child, and with my schoolmates and one of our teacher we published a book of poems (which also won a 2nd place at a poetry competition!); as a teenager I played alto horn and baritone horn and also did some summer job in a bookstore. I left my town to go to university; eventually I went back home to work a bit in a supermarket while working on my final dissertation on David Hume’s essay On Suicide (it sounds as a bleak time of my life, but it actually was not) and saving money in order to go back to the university and get a second degree.

Other things are quite recent: apart from my time- and life-consuming doctoral research, I write about football and my favourite club, AC Milan, on an Italian blog called Screwdrivers and on politics on xpolitix (in Italian as well). Previously, between 2006 and 2010, I have been writing on a number of topics (politics, food, internet, football) for an Italian online magazine called Novamag.it, but the website is now offline and my articles are archived here.

I should submit my thesis very soon and, eventually – surprise surprise – I will need to find a job. Wish me good luck.

*Yes, this is something you point out when you insert books at the end of a list and you are afraid you do not look smart enough. I am aware of this.
Latest update: 31 August 2015