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On Merit

By | 23rd February 2019

Robert H. Frank, Success and Luck. Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy. Princeton University Press, 2016 This morning I came across the comments section of an Italian online newspaper, under an article discussing Italy’s system of taxation and criteria of fiscal progression. One comment has struck me, one in which the author argued that… Read More »

Was Boris Johnson justified in using John Stuart Mill to make the case for Brexit?

By | 7th March 2018

I have been asked by the LSE’s Brexit blog to comment on the speech in which Boris Johnson used John Stuart Mill’s words to make the case for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. You can read my post here – comments are welcome!

Daniele Giglioli, Critica della vittima, 2014

By | 17th April 2017

Daniele Giglioli, Critica della vittima. Un esperimento con l’etica, Nottetempo, 2014. “Perché lo dico io”: così si intitola uno dei paragrafi di Critica della vittima, un breve volumetto di Daniele Giglioli, docente di Letterature Comparate, pubblicato da Nottetempo nel 2014. E’ un frase che esemplifica sia l’atteggiamento dell’intellettuale escluso o che si presenta come tale,… Read More »

Humans and Real Humans on tv

By | 2nd July 2015

Descartes’ explanation of pain and motion [SPOILER ALERT: this post talks of the British drama Humans and of the Swedish drama Äkta människor] [Parts of this post have already been published in 2013 on my Italian blog] I have watched the first three episodes of Humans, the Channel 4 tv series inspired by a Swedish tv… Read More »

My PhD thesis: deadline is looming and feedback is always a useful thing

By | 15th May 2015

  Between the two Philosophy buildings in Durham. This morning I had my PhD progress review. I am writing this post in order to share some thoughts, because – of course – of a bit exhibitionism (otherwise I would keep these things for myself), and also because writing will help me to organize ideas and,… Read More »

Football tactics and moral choices

By | 23rd April 2015

Newcastle vs Liverpool in the 2010/2011 Premier League season This is a thing to which I have been giving some thought from time to time, but I have never been able to give it a proper structure – or even, sometimes, to consider it a serious reflexion, as it is related to football. There are… Read More »

The work of JS Mill shows the importance of a common identity to the principle of European federalism

By | 13th February 2014

In his examination of John Stuart Mill’s thought on Europe in Mill’s works Bentham, On Liberty and Utilitarianism, Simon Glendinning has shown why, according to Mill, we are Europeans because we are not one. He also states that European greatness stems from cultural and national diversities across the continent and that the danger of stationariness… Read More »

Äkta människor – Real Humans

By | 22nd November 2013

Real Humans è una serie televisiva svedese iniziata nel 2012, che il 1° dicembre 2013 vedrà l’inizio della seconda stagione in patria (in Italia non è stata mai trasmessa e, tra gli altri paesi europei, va in onda in Francia e in Germania su ARTE) e la cui trama si snoda attorno agli hubot, robot… Read More »