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La difficoltà del votare

By | 1st January 2018

In questo blog raramente aggiornato la politica è l’argomento probabilmente trattato con maggiore frequenza, tra l’altro esponendo opinioni che, col tempo, sono anche andate cambiando. Quest’anno alcune di queste opinioni andranno finalmente soppesate in vista delle elezioni del prossimo 4 marzo. Cinque anni fa ero in Albione e suggerivo di votare Partito Democratico, pur non… Read More »

#Elezioni2018 – You need allies, not just votes, to win elections in Italy

By | 12th November 2017

The latest electoral contest in Sicily has been widely considered in Italy as a resounding defeat for the Democratic Party, a success for the centre-right forces and, after all, a good result for the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which, anyway, did not succeed in winning its first regional election. If we look at some numbers… Read More »

#Elezioni2018 – A potential anti-EU coalition in Italy?

By | 17th August 2017

In the current year, many have feared (or hoped for) the rise of anti-EU, anti-establishment or simply radical parties or candidates (which, more than occasionally, turned out to be radical right parties) in countries such as France or the Netherlands. According to some commentators, this would have led, in the long run, to the disgregation… Read More »